From minor maintenance to major repairs, our team of experienced mechanics are ready to serve your needs.



Wheel re-lace                                                                                     Tire swap off the bike
Need your spokes replaced whether they are seized or you                              Save a little bit of money by bringing us your Wheel off the bike and we will

purchased a new rim setup?  Come let us professionally re-lace                     mount & balance it for you. $25/tire.

and true your wheel. $150/ Per Wheel

Tire swap on bike ​                                                                    Tire Pressure Check/fill
Bring us your bike and we will do all the work for you.  Tire                         Bring your bike by and let us check your tire

mount & balance included   Front Tires $57 Rear tires $72                        pressure and tire condition before your long ride. $ Free

​(Note: Some models will vary from above pricing)


Preventative Maintenance  H-D Big Twin & Sportsters

1K,5k, & 10K Service ​                                                             20K Service

Includes Changing engine oil and filter, changing transmission                    Includes everything‏ in the 1,5,& 10K service with the addition of changing the fuel

fluid & Primary fluid.  Change spark plugs, inspect battery and                  filter located inside the tank and changing the front fork oil. $310.50+ Parts             
 charging system, adjust primary chain, adjust clutch, inspect tire               Sportster & Big Twin starting at  $ 435

condition and pressure, check spoke tightness, adjust steering head                           

bearings and lubricate, check brake fluid condition and level, adjust                50K Service                 

rear drive belt, adjust rear shock pressure (touring only), inspect air               Includes Everything in the 1,5,10, & 20K service with the addition of replacing

cleaner, inspect fuel lines, adjust enrichener (carb only), lubricate                    front neck bearings, which involves front end disassembly.

throttle and clutch cables, check operation of components and lights,              Sportster & Big Twin starting at  $ 645

adjust idle speed (carb only), check critical fasteners, inspect motor

mounts, & road test.


Sportster  starting at $ 175        

​Big Twin starting at  $ 225        


Repair Services‏

Diagnosis and Evaluation Services ​                                          Hourly Rate                                           
Having problems with your motorcycle?  Bring it                                           Harley Davidson & Metric Cruisers  $ 72/hr  

in and we will diagnose and evaluate the problem. $72                                   All choppers and custom built bikes $86/hr  

Tucker Speed Price Sheet